Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Journey never complete!

Its been a year and a half since the last post.....the biggest reason was I couldn't pull picture from my computer and I just couldn't post without photo's so I will try and go backwards for awhile and then, start again from now......

where to begin......ah end of chemo!
our beloved Theresa

the last day of the heavy guns  November 2011, chemo with Herceptin continued til November of 2012

Ally, me, Suzanne and Dioxa

She started tasting food!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time has a way of healing thing!

There's been a long lag between postings.... In October of last year Suzanne and I took a break from our relationship. Truthfully it was a all out falling out.  No one has any idea the amount of stress that builds when someone you care about gets cancer. There were those days I just found myself staring out at the Mountains, if you'd ask me what I was thinking chances are I wouldn't have answered or maybe you'd have gotten that blank stare.  My world had been turned upside down.  Truthfully I couldn't believe this was happening. You can't help but think about how your life will be without them, will you still be able to breath, will there be joy left......truthfully I didn't know and even to this day I couldn't tell you for sure. But what I've learned is.....

Life is about MOMENTS!!!  Not about the future but about right now, right here.  Suzanne and I have been working really hard at putting our relationship back together. To get back joy and laughter.  Most days we are very good at it. Other days......well I just keep trying......lets just say you learn a lot about yourself in these moments.  You learn that the  things you thought were important aren't, that life is so short , that there is true love and that relationships can be repaired with a lot of honesty, love and hard work.

To all my friends that have endured this breakup and repair, I love you and appreciate more than I can ever express your friendships, love, laughter and many a bended ear.  You are truly in my heart always.
Thank you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mac and Cheese

Its days like this that those comfort foods are the best!

And the Chemo's keep going

She really is beautiful without hair.

Old Friends

After Suzanne's family left one of Suzanne's old friend Carol Jean came for a visit. These photos were taken on the day she left.

Suzanne's family visit

Love her in this turbine!

Anthony and Julio relaxing with Clifford

Chemo Gang

Sisters like no others


Suzanne and Ally

Dr. Scott with a present from Michelle

Julio loose in the Cancer wig room

Moments like no others.

Benefit for Suzanne

The Gang

Suzanne and Harbor

Bev and Suzanne

Julio and Anthony

My Nephew Clint and his girlfriend Karly
The Benefit was such a nice event.....raised lots of money for Suzanne and everyone seemed to have had a great time.....I was so sorry I didn't get more pictures